The Curae Prize: what you can win and how to enter!

A writing prize – just for writers who are also carers

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Thank you thank you thank you #Curae writers

We have had our first entries to the Curae and what a wonderful spread of work we have. Some writers have chosen to write directly about their ongoing experience of caring, some have explored it through allegory, and we have a stunning variety of stories and short fiction pieces. It is hugely moving and inspiring. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoyed working on your writing.

I wanted to say that I really appreciate the candour and trust which you have shown me in sharing details about your lives and what your situation is in your accompanying. I see you, carers.

With much love to you all,


And Michael, Elissa and Amy. xx

PS, if you’re thinking of entering, PLEASE remember to check the rules. Send your entry as a Word attachment only, present carers only and, for this first year, you have to be a resident of UK and ROI.


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